I started this blog as a way to share my investing journey and help others on their path to financial independence! The stock market and investing can be seemingly daunting at times, and it can become difficult to analyze companies and information. I try to provide meaningful information on stocks and companies that can assist you in making informed decisions in your portfolio, or hopefully get you thinking about some things that will help you on your investing journey! Thanks for stopping by, be sure to check out my latest blog post here.

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I first started chronicling my investing journey on YouTube which has now bled over covering it here on my blog. With that being said if you’re more of a video content consumer rather than a reader consider jumping over to JMac Investing YouTube channel and subscribing to catch all of my video content!

I also more recently branched out and created another channel dedicated to live streams. I did this to separate the content I was creating. The new live stream channel has a dedicated weekly show called “The Educated Investor Show” which is also the name of the channel. I do the weekly show and do other random live streams on that channel. Be sure to subscribe there as well!

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14 thoughts

  1. Good afternoon Jmac
    Am a fan ,thanks to you I got Hyliion and Opes.
    Last week I started to learn about warrants
    1 I know it can be sold as a warrant.
    2 if you were to exercise the warrant later down the road.
    What other costs are there
    For example I know there is 11.50$ per warrant if exercised.
    Are there any other expenses in addition to the 11.50$.


  2. I’m wanting to buy Lancadia warrants. I’ve never purchased warrants, but I can’t see any downside. Thoughts?


  3. Hi Jmac,
    I want to buy heavy on SHLL but what are the chances of the merger deal not going through ? will I loose my money ?


  4. I wear an L shirt for the win!! In all honesty I really appreciate all that you do for us. You help break things down for us uninformed investors! Congratulations and wishing you on to bigger successes.


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