I started this blog as a way to share my investing journey and help others on their path to financial independence! The stock market and investing can be seemingly daunting at times, and it can become difficult to analyze companies and information. I try to provide meaningful information on stocks and companies that can assist you in making informed decisions in your portfolio, or hopefully get your thinking about some things that will help you on your investing journey!

Follow My Journey On My YouTube Channel

I first started chronicling my investing journey on YouTube which has now bled over covering it here on my blog. With that being said if you’re more of a video content consumer rather than a reader consider jumping over to JMac Investing YouTube channel and subscribing to catch all of my video content!

M1 Exporter is Still Active Just on a Different Domain

Many of you that follow my YouTube channel have used jmacinvesting.com to export your M1 Finance Holdings using the tool I built for it. I have left the old site active and have it linked above in the main menu as M1 Exporter, so it can still be used. The reason the domain changed is jmacinvesting.com is my primary domain and is now used here on my WordPress site, so head over there if you interested in still using it. I likely won’t be making any new changes to it and won’t be supporting it, so if M1 Finance changes their website and the tool breaks I will likely take it offline.

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